What is Götamässan?

Götamässan is a welcome fair organised by Göta studentkår as part of student autumn reception activities for the new students of the University of Gothenbrug. We seek to create an open, engaging, and diverse meeting environment for the newly arrived students, student associations, partners, external organisations and companies in order to promote active student life, active student support during studies, and benefits of being a student in Gothenburg.

Who would you meet?

As an exhibitor at the fair

As an exhibitor you would meet new students of the University of Gothenburg studying in Social Sciences, Arts, Educational Sciences, IT, and Sciences faculties coming from Sweden and from abroad. Students are just starting their studies and thus they seek for opportunities, support and information varying from visiting student activities to meet new friends, receiving information about student discounts and benefits, to getting information about student loans, housing, language support or receiving counselling. During the fair we first prioritize our Göta studentkår associations with a union association status.

As participating union association you can show what your association or committee is all about, gain exposure and attract new members! 

As a student visiting the fair

As a student visiting the fair you have a unique opportunity to meet the student associations representing various interest groups, our partners as well as external companies and organisations that can provide with information, advises, student discounts and other useful means to enrich your study years at Gothenburg! You will be able to meet Göta studentkår representatives, ask about our activities, benefits of being a member, what student union does and become a member if you haven’t become one yet! We will also have a cafe running during the fair, so grab a cup and explore the opportunities for engagement in activities outside of books and lecture notes!

The fair will take place at Studenternas Hus (Götabergsgatan 17) Stora Hallen on 2018-09-05 between 15:00 to 17:00.

We have something for everyone!