Hej hej! Welcome and congratulations to your study start at the Gothenburg University’s IT faculty!

Here you will spend a whole lot of time in the coming years. Whether you originally are from Gothenburg or new to the city, or new to the country, there are a multitude of things to discover. We will try to provide you with a small guide to the student life at the IT faculty, at campus Lindhomen and campus Johanneberg. Hopefully this will prevent you of any sort of confusion that may arise for you as new student.

First things first….

In the first couple of few weeks of your studies (especially on your the first day) you will be bombarded with information from what feels like a million of different people and places, and you will probably remember about a tenth of all information regarding wifi, access cards, learning platforms, lunch places, student associations, Kick Off-events and your own program. Do not despair! In connection with the start of the academic year 2018/19, Göta studentkår’s (student union’s) Kick-off committee organizes many exciting events for all new students! Look around you! The Kick-off events are happening right now, and there you can talk to fadders, to the student union or to other older students. You can go to the events together and connect to your colleagues as well as to get more information. Take part in loads of fun activities (for instance, the amazing race, the BBQ or many more), meet new friends for life and get help and guidance from our fantastic faddrar.

You also maybe wondering why the information is in English? At the IT faculty we have a lot if international students, out of 12 programs at the faculty 7 are thought in English and admit a lot of students from abroad. Therefore we present our text in English.

What actually is a Kick-off?

The Kick-off is a few weeks filled with events dedicated for welcoming students to the university life. This period is packed with events, competitions, pub crawls, outdoors activities, sittnings (Swedish banquettes) and more. These activities take place in the beginning of each new study year for a few weeks between mid-August to mid-September (depending on the faculty you are studying at).

TIPP! Don’t miss the great ending of the kick off period, the Finalsittning.

The Kick-off committee

The Kick off committee is a group of people who put the Kick-off activities together. This year’s Kick-off committee consists of representatives of both campuses, campus Johanneberg and campus Lindholmen. The committee’s members are representatives of the student group SGData, and representatives from the ‘Sexmästerier’ of Göta studentkår’s IT section that are Systemsex, Kogsex and Softsex. Now, you probably wonder what the term Sexmästeri means? Well, it refers to a party group/association and it comes form the old Swedish word ”sexa” meaning ”party, festivity, celebration”. If you want to learn more about the sexmästeri, student culture in Sweden and get acquainted with some Swedish vocabulary for your fist weeks, check our International page.

If you have questions about the Kick-off contact them via and follow the facebook page Kick-off 2018 for new updates

What is a phadder (or fadder)?

Phadder, also known under the different spelling of fadder, equals English for father. The phadder is an older student or a mentor that helps you through the kick-off, is taking care of you and your course-mates, and eases your way in to the student life and your program. Phadders are a big part of Kick-off since they usually know details about the welcoming events at the section and they are responsible over you during the Kick-off period. You can ask your phadder questions of all sorts, for instance where the cheapest coffee is or how to book a group room.

What are they talking about…?

As a student of the IT faculty, you might come across strange vocabulary used by the other students, the many different student groups and student associations. Here is a small word list to simplify life at IT for you a little, with words that both come from the student themselves and the associations and study groups around it.


GU – Gothenburg university, where you study
Chalmers – That other university, creating confusion of where you belong to… the cousin… well more like the second cousin…
Hus Patricia – Name of the building in which the majority of IT faculty’s students at campus Lindholmen spend their time
Monaden – The awesome, cozy hang out place for students of campus Johanneberg
Kuggen – An architecture-wonder at Lindholmen that provides students with group rooms, library services and study places
Färjan/The ferry – Check out the ferry going from Stenpiren and Lindholmen that is for free! They even allow you to take your bike. Be aware though that there are different ferry lines, so that you don’t go on a strange adventure into another direction. You can also take the bus 16 and 55 that connect our two IT faculty campuses Lindholmen and Johanneberg! Go and visit each other!


GUL – Göteborgs Universitets Läroplattform, the online platform of GU, which provides you with all information regarding courses, schedules and more. It will be changed together with a new website during the study year 2018/19.
Canvas – Canvas will be the new online platform taking the place instead of GUL.
Ladok – Ladok is the website where you can sign up and find all information for your exams.
Confusion – a feeling you will have when GUL will be changed to Canvas.


SG – SG is the abbreviation for a student group. The students group are monitoring education and work together with Göta studentkår to secure the quality of your education. Student groups are there for each program (e.g. SGData, SGKog, SGsys, SGSEM, MiC…)
Sexmästeri – sexmästeri in the IT section is a student organisation dealing with study social activities, parties and events. The word old Swedish word ”sexa” (see also ”svensexa”= bachelor party) means to celebrate, party. The members of the Sexmästerier wear organisation specific overalls. In the IT faculty, on campus Lindholem, there is Systemsex, Kogsex and Softsex. On campus Johanneberg the student group SG Data is also organizing a lot of study social events.
SKIP – SKIP stands for Student association for Knowledge in Informatics and Programming and is Göta IT section’s student association for everything around IT! Go check out their gaming and programming events, or visit Night at SKIP during the Kick-off!
Göta studentkår – this is your student union at GU. They are collaborating with the university to continuously improve education and student life. They have an office in the lunch area (4th floor) of Hus Patricia on campus Lindholmen. This year’s chairperson is Verena Schödl. Go and say hi, she is nice and likes coffee.
Studenternas Hus – is the hotspot of the student union at Gothenburg university. You can find it in the city center (address Götabergsgatan 17). It will provide you with the pub (Kårkällarn’) where you can hang out with your friends, with the book store (Campus Bokhandeln), and the possibility to make your own events!
GÖSTA – GÖSTA is a student association that is organizing the biggest IT job-fair at the IT faculty!


Want to know more about Sexmästeri, or learn a few words for your Kick-off, visit the International page!