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Well, let us tell you more about it

As we mentioned earlier, term sexmästeri refers to a party group or a party association and it comes from an old Swedish word ”sexa” meaning ”party, festivity, celebration”. Sexmästeri are responsible for organizing parties, sittnings, running the union pub(s), they are usually the ones behind organizing the kick-off activities in autumn and spring terms. These associations have deep roots in Swedish student culture, some of them can date back their existence to 1883, and the term ”sexmästeri” was coined in Gothenburg. Other terms in Sweden apply for the same type of student association, for example festförening, klubbverk, klubbmästeri, programutskott or festeri. Similar associations can also be found in Finland and… Canada. Apparently…

The name of the sexmästeri can be written in variety of ways. Full name is usually used in some legal documents or meetings minutes. But in every day conversation those names are shortened using ending -sex or number -6 at the end, for example Pedagogsexmästeriet – P6, Software engineering and management sexmästeri – SoftSex. Some sexmästeri also do not use the term in the name or abbreviation, like Haddock for example.

Ovvar, rockar, patches and fun facts

How to recognize if someone is from a sexmästeri? The colorful patched jumpsuits (overaller or ovvar) or coats (rockar) that the representative of an association would wear should give it away. A lot of sexmästeri also have a mascot (like Bender from Futurama for Kognition sexmästeri, Stitch from Lillo and Stitch for LoL6) that can as well be represented on the overall or the coat, wether by using the color of the character, putting a characters patch or picture or in other creative way. Overaller and/or rockar is not only what singles the sexmästeri out from the crowd, it also what separates one sexmästeri from another, since each of them uses specific colors to dye their attire. They can as well even have some special decorations or styles, cuts, for example one of sexmätseri called SystemSex has a special sown left leg that is orange and has black fur stripes.

Säxmästeri representatives also wear variety of patches. Some of the patches often represent university the sexmästeri is from, student union, or other faculty or university that sexmästeri have some specific relations with. Some of the patches have very specific area they need to be placed on the overall or coat and is even specified in the association’s legal statutes with an explanation. Other patches are usually received when trading with other sexmästerister around Sweden. Every year there’s a lot of ”festresor” (partytrips) arranged all around Sweden. Sexmästerier travels to other student cities and meet students from all around the country. Everyone is welcome to this trips!

Not all sexmästeri wear the traditional overalls or coats though. Some of them choose other piece of clothing that represents them, for example ties, shirts, T-shirt, jackets, or a combination of them, can as well serve the purpose to stand out from the crowd and be easily identifiable as belonging to a group. Sometimes, overalls and coats can be very specific and rather used by students involved in a specific activity to be distinguished as organizers, for example those organizing a student Kick-off, during that period can wear a specially made overall or coat.

Usually you can as well find a very unusual term, name or word written on the overall (will more often be on a leg, but another place can be as well). Those terms and names are usually nicknames of the members of the sexmästeri. The nickname is given during the aspning period (the period when one applies to become part of the sexmästeri), and refers to some incident or something that happened during that period.

Fun Fact 1: the ovve or the coat can never ever be washed… NEVER!!!

Fun Fact 2: In Norway these jumpsuits are worn by last year high school students and are called russ. The color usually represents an area of studies a student is completing (engineering, economy or other).