Sexmästerier in Göta studentkår



Mascot: Woodstock from Snoopy; Wears: T-shirt with the big Woodstock print on front; Colors: black, yellow, white

About: Every term they organize fantastic party evenings with live music, DJ and good company to those studying at Social Sciences faculty. As member of Göta studentkår you are always welcome to participate in our events with no fee.

Contact:; Facebook: Byrå6



Mascot: Paddington; Wears: Red overall with a green left leg; Colors: Red (to represent student studying to become teachers), green (to represent students studying health, diet, etc.)

About: P6 is an abbreviation for Pedagogsexmästeriet that operates as the union association of Göta studentkår. P6 was created in 1981 and is one of the oldest sexmästeri at the University of Gothenburg. P6 organise various activities, among which are Inspark activities, parties, sittnings and pubs. P6 has a lot of members who come to visit and participate in the activities even after they have long finished their studies. You will meet them during your studies in the corridors of Pedagogen, student pub Kårkällar’n or some pub in Vasa where they hang out after the end of the meetings.

Contact:; Facebook: P6 Göteborg; Instagram: @p6_gbg


Mascot: Stitch from ”Lilo and Stitch”; Wears: Turquoise blue overall with pink left leg and lilac right leg; Colors: Turquoise blue, pink and lilac

About: LoL6 is an abbreviation for Lek och Lär sexmästeriet (Lek – play, Lär – learn). LoL6 operates as the union association of Göta studentkår since 2016. LoL6 works for a larger community between students and all the students of the University of Gothenburg are welcome to apply. Thy particularly aim is at the students of the Educational Sciences faculty who wish to experience the student life as being a member of a sexmästeri. Their motto is ”Nobody gets left behind or forgotten” so do always grab one of them if you wish to know more or just to talk!

Contact:; Facebook: Lek- och Lärsexmästeriet LoL6; Instagram: @lol6gbg



Symbol: Lyra that is always on the back; Wears: Coat, with green right front and arm, blue back, red left front and arm Colors: Red, blue green

About: MatNatSex refers to Matematiska och Naturvetenskapliga utbildningssektionens sexmästeri (Mathematics and nature sciences education sexmästeri). MatNatSex is a sexmästeri to those who study at the Sciences faculty. They organize pubs, Mottagning activities, travel around Sweden to meet other students, and help students to meet other students via their events and activities, so the study years would not just be studying till the eyes bleed

Contact:; Facebook: MatNatSex


Mascot: Professor Cuthbert Calculus from ”Adventures of Tintin”; Wears: Purple overalls with olive green stripes on the sides; Colors: Green and purple

About: Haddock is a sexmästeri that was started by chemistry students in 1995. We welcome the new students of the Sciences section, so you will see a lot of Haddock representatives during the Mottagning. Aside from Mottagning, as other sexmästerier, they organize sittnings, run the student pub Kårkällar’n, but also organize cozy evenings with board games, movies and other activities.

Contact: ; Facebook: Festföreningen Haddock




Mascot: Calvin and Hobbes (Kalle och Hobbe); Wears: White overalls with orange and black tiger stripes on the left leg for Hobbes and red and black striped right arm for Calvin; Colors: Orange, black, white

About: SystemSex was called Kalasgruppen before and started in 1982 at the back in the day IT institute in Johanneberg, thus is one of the oldest sexmästeri we have at Göta studentkår. SystemSex is mostly comprised of students from the Information systems students (Systemvetare), but is open to all students of IT faculty and operates in Lindholmen. They are a big part of student Kick-off in IT section. As other sexmästerier they run the usual party and pub errands around there, as well as running a local pub called 11:an.

Contact: ; Facebook: SystemSex Göteborg


Mascot: Bender from Futurama; Wears: Batik blue overalls with a grey right arm and grey left leg that has Bender’s face on it. Colors: Batik or light grey blue, white

About: KognitionsSex or Kog6 is one of the newest sexmästeri in IT section, who had its first members elected in 2015. Sexmästeri mostly represents Cognitive sciences students (Kognitionsvetare) back in the campus Lindholmen. They often run errands together with their sister sexmästeri SystemSex.

Contact: ; Facebook: KognitionsSex Göteborg


Mascot: Stick figure from the Video game Portal; Wears: Coats with a slightly cut bottom, orange right side and blue left side; Colors: Orange and blue

About: SoftSex represents students from Software Engineering and Management students and is one of the Sexmästerier where primary organisational language is English, due to program having a lot of international students. This helps the international students to experience students the true Swedish student culture with avoiding the language barrier. They are also the newest sexmästeri in town that was revived in 2017 and gained the union association status in 2018. Parental advise… do not google SoftSex without adding word Göteborg…

Facebook: SoftSex Göteborg



Mascot: Toadwart or Toadie from Adventures of the Gummi Bears; Wears: Purple polo shirt or simple purple shirt, green tie and tweed brown jacket; Colors: Purple, green, brown

About: Humanistiska sexmästeri or HumSex is a sexmästeri for all students at the University of Gothenburg but its main members are usually students from Arts faculty. The purpose of the association is primarily to create a place for students to meet and socialize through study social activities. These are arranging the Inspark Faculty of Arts, sittings, parties, grills and anything else you can imagine. HumSex has a great unity that is hard to beat. Do you want to join? Contact them as soon as possible!

Contact:; Facebook: Humanistiska Sexmästeriet